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[ # ] Jeff Ross got roasted by kids!
July 26th, 2018 under Jimmy Kimmel

Jeff Ross is known as the Roastmaster General, and recently he got roasted by some of the toughest roasters out there. Not other comedians, but kids.

Yesterday on Jimmy Kimmel Live, he gave them a lesson on how to put someone in their place and they are very quick learners. When it came time for them to be on the dais, they showed him how it is done.

Not only did he get a lesson in trash talking, so did I. I cannot wait to tell someone, “You are so ugly, Hello Kitty says goodbye!” Burn!

You know what, these kids are so good, Comedy Central should use them for their next Celebrity Roast. Too bad they already roasted Justin Bieber because he would have been great for them to roast up and spit out.


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