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[ # ] Jeannie Mai is a Sapiosexual
July 9th, 2019 under The Real

Jeannie Mai is very open about her sexuality and today on The Real she reveals that she is into Sapiosexuality. What is that? Is she into saps? Nope, she gets aroused by a man’s brain. She prefers someone with whom she can have a great conversation with. Or as she puts it, “If you kiss this mind, she [pointing down] will follow.”

She wants a man who can talk about the future and the good things that he has done for others including his family. She does not want a complainer or someone who is focused on his past relationships when they are in bed together. If you do the latter, then not only is your conversation dry, so is she.

Do you prefer a man who turns your on with his brain or with his little head? I have to admit I am attracted to a man at first because of his looks. However, if I cannot have a conversation with him, he could be the most gorgeous man on earth, but he won’t be to me anymore. I like a little substance behind those pretty eyes.


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