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[ # ] Jay’s sister comes for a visit on Ghosts!
January 13th, 2022 under Ghosts

Last week on Ghosts, we met Sam’s dead mother. Tonight at 9p on CBS, we get to meet Jay’s living sister.

Bela (Punam Patel) decides to visit her brother (Utkarsh Ambudkar) because she just went through a bad breakup and wants to escape the memories. Sam (Rose McIver) can’t wait to see her sister-in-law because she is hoping that they can finally bond.

However, as soon as Bela gets there, she says she met a new man online, and he lives near the mansion. So, Bela is happy, and Sam’s plans to cheer her are ruined. Or are they?

Meanwhile, the Ghosts are all upset because one of them has to give up their room so Bela can have it. Pete (Richie Moriarty) being the good guy that he is, offers to give up his room. However, Pete’s new girlfriend, Nancy (Betsy Sodaro) from the basement, doesn’t want to give up her new comfortable bed. Therefore, she teaches Pete to stand up for himself. How will Thor (Devan Chandler Long), Sass (Román Zaragoza), Hetty (Rebecca Wisocky), Flower (Sheila Carrasco. Isaac (Brandon Scott Jones) and Alberta (Danielle Pinnock) feel about the new Pete.

And then there is pantless Trevor (Asher Grodman). He got his hands on Jay’s iPad and did something he shouldn’t have. Now, he is in trouble. But not before we get to see that he really isn’t a bad guy. He actually has a good heart. And Jay needs a new password.

All in all, it is another lovable episode of Ghosts. And that is why it is this season’s #1 new show. Find out why everyone who watches it is falling in love with it. Each week, they are finding new viewers, will you be one of them this week?


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