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[ # ] Jay Leno burns Kim Kardashian
June 15th, 2011 under The Kardashians

Kim Kardashian was on The Tonight Show and she talked to Jay Leno about her engagement to Kris Humphries and the huge ass expensive ring that he gave her. So Jay said he would to do a test to see if her 20.5-karat ring was real or fake. All he would have to do is set it on fire and if it goes up in flames it is fake. Well she allowed him to the do the test and guess what happens next? Let’s just say you can see the flames coming out her ears. I mean c’mon Kim, with all the talk shows you have been on, you should know better than to ever give the host you most prized possession like that.
Can I tell you Jay has balls as big as his chin and her a$$ combined because no way would I dare to touch that ring that is worth more money than I can ever imagine having at one giving time.
BTW she also shared with Jay that she plans on marrying her man by the end of the summer. Great what is going to be on the covers of all of the magazines until then…Kim picks a place? Kim picks flowers? Kim picks a wedding cake? Kim picks a honeymoon spot to make her latest sex tape? And so on…


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