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[ # ] Jay finally connects with the Ghosts tonight on CBS
November 18th, 2021 under Ghosts

Tonight at 9p on CBS, the Ghosts and Jay, who can’t see or hear them like his wife, find a way to come together. What unites them? Dungeons & Dragons that is what!

Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar) plays D&D with his old friends in NYC via Zoom. However, his internet keeps dropping out, so they drop him. When he tells Sam (Rose McIver) about it, Pete (Richie Moriarty) overhears the conversation and tells her he used to play all the time when he was alive in the ’80s. Jay suggests that he plays the game with Pete, and she translates what he does. She agrees to do it, along with Trevor (Asher Grodman), Alberta (Danielle Pinnock), and Sasappis (Roman Zaragoza). The Ghosts enjoy playing the game with the livings, but Sam finds it boring. What happens when she tells Jay the Ghosts don’t want to play anymore? They find a way to communicate with Jay. It is about time they ratted Sam out, instead of them always tattling on Jay eating FloOreos.

Jay is not the only one connecting with the Ghosts. Sam finds out that three British soldiers from the Revolutionary War live on her property in a shed. When they come to the house to confront Sam, she finds out that Isaac (Brandon Scott Jones) fought against them. Not only that, Isaac has been keeping a secret from Nigel (John Hartman), the British soldiers’ leader, all of these years. What is it? All I will say, we might have another Revolutionary War over it. Will they be able to call a truce before there is an all-out war? There is only one to solve their differences.

The thing I enjoyed most about this episode is that they found a way for Jay and the Ghosts to communicate. I can’t tell you how that you have to tune in and see. But it is sweet and funny at the same time.

Everything about Ghosts is sweet and funny. That is why anyone who watches it is falling in love with it. They even made me want to play Dungeons & Dragons. Just don’t tell my friends because they will take me up on it.

However, I might say yes if we can watch Ghosts while we play. It is my goal to get as many people as I can to watch because I need this show to come back for a second season. It is the only feel good show I am watching, and we all need that these days.


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