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[ # ] Jane Lynch says that Game Night is the great equalizer!
July 25th, 2013 under Jane Lynch, Sean Hayes

Today at 10p Hollywood Game Night is back for another round on NBC and you don’t want to miss Sean Hayes, Dax Shepard, Jason Sudeikis, Fred Armisen, Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph play the games. Some of them are drinking, some of them don’t understand the games and two of them will surprise you by how good they are at a game. Hint it’s not the show’s creator, Sean Hayes, who will surprise us!
Dax Shepard really knows his candy bars better than everyone else, while Jason Sudeikis is beyond amazing at Celebrity Fusion. Something that is pretty incredible because he had a few drinks by the time game started. When we asked Jane Lynch at a recent set visit, if they drink at Sean’s house when he hosts game night. She said that they did, then she explained “The thing that I love about game nights that I wanted to replicate and I know Sean did too, is the fun that we have at his house. Where everyone has had a drink, everyone has had something to eat, so you get a little crazy.” And they get more than that tonight, especially when you consider four of them were all regulars on Saturday Night Live.
Then she added another thing that the show and Sean’s parties have in common. She said, “It’s always a mix of people, you’d have celebrities, friends that are plastic surgeons or an optometrist, a bunch of different kinds of people. It’s the great equalizer, Game Night, isn’t it?” Something you get to see as the one civilian plays with the three celebrities. It’s like they have all known each other for ages and not just minutes.
One thing that Jane wanted to let us is that even though Sean P Hayes created the game, he was not part of the planning process leading up to the show’s taping. So what is the Sean Saves the World star like during the game nights at his real home? The Glee star said, “An absolute crazy person! He’s like Harpo Marx. He’s running around, knocking things over. He’s great!” So is he like that tonight when he is on the show? I am not going to tell you, you will just have to tune in to find out.
That and to see the players sing some very famous songs with just the word “Do”. Who is the best do do doing, you will you watch to find out on NBC tonight at 10p.


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