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[ # ] James Corden does not like anyone taking over his billboard space
October 10th, 2017 under James Corden

photo via LLS’s EP Ben Winston
When James Corden started hosting The Late Late Show, CBS put a billboard with his face on front of the studio where he tapes the show. Last year, they replaced it with Michael Weatherly’s mug to promote Bull, and the host did not like that. Thus, he got a coworker and defaced the oversized poster. Causing CBS not wanting to put up with this bull, so they took down the legal drama’s poster and put back up the one for the late night show.

You would have thought that CBS had learned their lesson, and you would be wrong. Once again, they took down the LLS poster, but this time they replaced it with one for Seal Team starring David Boreanaz. Would Corden let his face time go to someone else? Hell no. Therefore, he took that same coworker to deface the competition and no Bones about it, Borenaz is not happy about it. No word how CBS feels about it, but I am sure they are equally upset. How upset? As of now the military drama’s billboard is still up there, curly mustache and all.

To see the Corden work his magic with spray paint, then


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