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[ # ] Jaden Smith makes Justin Bieber look really white!
May 31st, 2010 under Justin Bieber

BET award nominee Justin Bieber recorded a song from the upcoming piece of sh!t remake Karate Kid and because of that he had to shoot a video with the star of the movie, Will Smith’s son. Watching Jaden Smith dance with the hottest teen alive, made him look even whiter than we already know he is. Bieber might have good hair, but his dance moves are bad.
I wonder how much Will Smith had to pay the Biebster to do the song and how much of a bonus he got for shooting the video with Jaden?
BTW you know what the saddest part about that video? Justin Bieber is just 16 and Jaden is only 11 and both of them have already made more money than you and I will make in all of our lifetimes. OK I am off to cry.


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