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[ # ] Jack is a movie narrated by a penis!
March 21st, 2023 under Movies

I recently watched a movie called Me and Him about a penis controlling the man he is attached to. And I thought to myself, why don’t they make more movies from the perspective of a man’s penis. Well, there is one cumming out on March 24th, and I can’t wait to see Jack March 24th on Amazon.

JACK (Pelayo De Lario) is Charlie’s (Luke Rollason) penis, and he is the brains of the operation, he and Charlie have been friends from birth. When Charlie meets Barbie Le Fleur (Angela Sant’Albano), a Canadian transfer student JACK will do everything in his power to guide his friend in his quest to enchant his dream girl. With the help of an odd group of characters; from an incredibly handsome School therapist to a sex advisor prostitute and a group of hormonal friends Charlie will use his “brain” to get the girl of his dreams.

Life is so serious now, we need something fun like this! So who else is going to be watching it with me?


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