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[ # ] It’s the dawning of Hair live on NBC
May 24th, 2018 under NBC

NBC announced today that they are doing one of my favorite three musicals for the next live production in the spring and I just want to know how they are going to do Hair. Not because of the production, but because of the words in the songs. I have been blasting the soundtrack in my car since I was a teenager and even I know what songs I could not have the windows down on. Some tunes they can skip, but others they will have to change a word or two and those are the words I scream the loudest. Plus, no nude scene…😢.

When Neil Moron was asking for which musical he should do next, I quickly suggested Hair because sadly it is relevant again under this administration. I am glad, I influenced them. Of course, I know I didn’t but I like I did.

On that note, who would I cast? I think Nick Jonas as George Berger because he has that gritty look about him. When it comes to Claude, I think Teen Beach’s Garrett Clayton would be perfect as the innocent man about to go into the army who gets a quick lesson about life, mother, in NYC.

I also hope that NBC will find a way to incorporate some of the people who were involved in the original productions like Treat Williams, Annie Golden, Meat Loaf and Diane Keaton into it. I have been into Treat ever since the first time I saw Hair as a little kid. Yes, my parents let me watch it as a kid and I have been obsessed with it since!

Hopefully, a new generation will love it as much as I do because there is so much to love about it!

Just one request, please no one from Glee!


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