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[ # ] It takes 200 extras to film a New Amsterdam lobby scene
October 8th, 2019 under NBC

If you watch New Amsterdam and you see a scene in the lobby of the hospital, then you will see a lot of people walking around. All of those people are paid background actors. How many are getting around $200 a day? According to Tyler Labine, there were 200 of them there on Sunday. Meaning that scene cost $40,000 in extas alone.

Now that we got that money aspect out of the way, let’s talk about how cool it is to see 200 actors at work. 200 people who are told to sit and wait and wait and wait and wait until they are needed. Then when they are ready, it is rush rush rush. Being an extra is fun.

If you have never seen New Amsterdam, then watch it tonight at 10p on NBC. It was my favorite new show last season and it is still just as good. If not better. It is a medical drama that is more about heart than the illness. Therefore, we are not going to think we have some rare disease after watching it.


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