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[ # ] It looks like the networks are not mad about Mad About You
July 11th, 2018 under Paul Reiser

A few months ago, Paul Reiser was all excited for a Mad About You revival series, but now things are looking a lot less optimistic. He told The Tampa Bay Times, “Sony is trying to figure out from their end; that’s where I just walk away and go, call me when you figure it out. I don’t know what happens at that level. They make their deals with whoever they make their deals with. So we’ll see if it happens. It may not happen. It likely won’t happen. My guess is it won’t happen.”

Reiser is hoping if it does happen, to get it on a streaming service over a broadcast channel, and even that is not looking likely at this point.

He kind of hinted that the problem might be the concept. He wants to do the show about their daughter Mable going away to college, and he and Jamie (Helen Hunt) are trying to deal with being just a couple again. Something many people do when their kids grow up and leave the house.

How mad would you be if Mad About You did not happen?


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