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[ # ] It is time to eat up Man v Food again! Go Man!
June 16th, 2010 under Adam Richman, Travel Channel

Adam Richman is back eating more food in a few days than you will probably eat in a month on the Travel Channel tonight at 9p. Tonight on the third season premiere Man v Food he is going to San Diego, Ca and Boudler, Co. In San Diego he will eat a massive surf-and-turf burrito, tender tri-tip barbecue and do the legendary Ironman Challenge at the Broken Yolk Cafe. The Ironman Challenge consists of a 12 egg omelet stuffed with mushrooms, onions, cheese topped with chili and more cheese, a plateful of hash brown potatoes and two giant biscuits. Will he be able to say he is the Champion of Breakfasts or will the most important meal of the day make him unimportant? Find out as he will attempts to eat more eggs in one sitting than I will eat in a year at 9p.
Then at 9:30p he is off to Boulder where he will eat the mountain pizza pie, sausage-and bacon-stuffed saddleback pancakes, and an extra-large bucket of hot wings at the West End Tavern. He will have to eat 50 buffalo wings in 30 minutes. That is more wings than he eaten in of all the challenges he has ever done on the show. Will he eat more wings than he has eaten on the show ever or will 50 be too much for him to handle? Talking about too much to handle wait until you see that pizza, I was salivating watching them make it, it looked so good.
Man v Food is still as scrumptious as it has always been and Adam Richman is as delicious as the food he devours. If you have never seen this show, you need to eat it up tonight and every Wednesday at 9p! I mean you get to watch a show full of calories and fat and you won’t gain a single ounce! What more do you need?
BTW the show is sincerely one of my favorite shows on TV today and you know I watch a lot TV. I was hooked as soon as I saw Adam Richman attempt his first challenge and now I can’t get enough of him even though sometimes food gets enough of him. And I will spoil you a little bit tonight because Food does beat Man tonight in one of the challenges, can you guess which one?
Finally after you watch it tonight at 9p, tell me if you could honestly see Adam Richman hosting a game or talk show? I know I would watch him!!! I just find him so freaking likable and he has a great rapport with everyone and just comes off so natural with no BS and not many hosts can say that.


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