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[ # ] It is battle of the men with ponytails for winner of Celebrity Apprentice
May 19th, 2013 under Donald Trump

Tonight at 9p Penn Gillette and Trace Adkins are vying to be the winner of Celebrity Apprentice, but only one of them will be #1 All-Star on the NBC show. If they are truly going by the sales of the ice cream, then I would have to say that Trace (my choice) is going to win because I can’t find his ice cream anywhere near me. I was able to find a few of Penn’s at some of the stores, but I had no luck with Trace’s. But we know it isn’t only about the sales of the Delish Ice Cream, and tonight we will find out what Donald Trump was looking for from his All-Stars to be his #1 man!
I was on a conference call with the three men and each of them described what they admired about the other one. The country singer said “I just straight up from an animalistic caveman type of view of this whole situation Penn Jillette is probably, no offense Mr. Trump, probably the most brilliant individual that I have in my rolodex. Just I’ve been a fan of his and friend of his for a few years now and I’ve just had the most respect for the quality of work that he’s done over the year and, you know, he’s a smart, smart guy; multi-talented, you know. That’s enough accolades for him.”
So what did the Vegas Magician have to say, he said “Trace is wicked smart; very, very talented; has the best voice in country music; and he’s also honest. And that is a quality that can be lost on this show and I think that, you know, if there’s one thing this show can be proud of I think it’s that someone as honest as Trace can do this well on the show. It kind of shows that the backstabbing and the disingenuous spins doesn’t necessarily get you to win. And I love that and I’m proud about that.”
And what did Trump have to say about both men, he said ” One thing that is a little bit different is these two guys I believe really like each other. Usually we have people that get into the finals that don’t like each other. I usually like that better by the way but I won’t say that. But usually we have people that do not like each other in the finals. These two people really like each other.”
Although if Trace would’ve had his way when he was picking his team in the first episode, we might’ve had a different final two. As he explained, “I’m not really surprised but I have to say from day one when I showed up and I got to peruse the cast I thought if I was going to win this thing that Penn was going to be the man I was going to have to beat. And that’s why I chose him first when I was given the opportunity to choose my team I picked him. And then I was going to pick Omarosa and use her to dispatch Penn. But Bret picked her and I knew immediately he’d made a mistake and she cut his throat the first week.” Could you imagine Omarosa going after a man who is twice her size? He might be one of the few people who could magically make her disappear.
So even though tonight is the season finale, Trump says he already casting for next season. Even though NBC has yet to confirm it is happening.


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