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[ # ] It has suck to be a Kanye West fan
August 6th, 2021 under Kanye West

Kanye West has been promising he is going to release

Donda for over a year. He gives a release date, throws listening parties at a high cost to his fans, and then never releases the album.

They stay up late waiting to download it, and nothing.

If I were his fan, I would move on. How many times does he have to fool you before you like f*ck off?

He keeps getting richer and richer with your money, and you get nothing out of it. Seriously, how much more money are you going to throw at him before you realize he doesn’t give a sh!t about his fans?

There are plenty of artists who keep their promises and give back to their fans. He is just not one of them.

BTW I think there is a better chance that Kanye will be abducted by aliens (like he was last night) than releasing the GOAT of records.


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