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[ # ] Is this why Mario Vasquez quit American Idol?
March 12th, 2007 under American Idol 6, Lawsuits

Remember Mario Vasquez who quit American Idol and never gave a good reason, well looks like we might finally know why? But the person making the claim was fired from American Idol and waited two years to sue Vasquez, Fox and Fremantle. Having said that here is what came out today, a man who used to work as an assistant accountant for Freemantle claims that Vasquez sexually harassed him before he quit the show.

TMZ obtained the lawsuit that was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court today. In the lawsuit, Magdaleno Olmos claims "Vazquez stared lasciviously, smiled lasciviously … and on one occasion followed him into a bathroom … knocked on the door of the plaintiff's stall and made eye contact through the space in the stall door." The lawsuit alleges that Vazquez "started to rub his genitals over his pants. Attempting to leave the bathroom, Olmos opened the door of the stall and saw Vazquez standing in front of him with his pants down masturbating." According to the documents, Vazquez pushed Olmos "further into the stall and continued masturbating with one hand and trying to pull down Olmos' pants with another hand." Olmos claims that he tried to "cover his body with his hands" but Vazquez touched his "chest and stomach underneath his shirt, and Olmos' "genitals" as Vazquez "attempted to unzip" Olmos' pants. Vazquez then allegedly asked Olmos "if he wanted oral sex." In the lawsuit, Olmos claims that as he "managed to get out of the stall, and attempted to leave the bathroom," Vazquez, grabbed his arm "in an effort to stop him." Vazquez continued to call Olmos to come back as Vazquez "stood in the bathroom with his pants still down." In the suit, Olmos claims that he tried to report the incident to a superior named Eric LaPointe, who allegedly responded by telling Olmos that "he was crazy" and "repeatedly threatening to fire" him. A few months after the incident, Olmos claims he was "terminated." Olmos is also suing for wrongful termination. 

It just seems so weird for this guy to come forward now two years later, 6 months after Vasquez's album came out and failed. The timing just seems so weird don't you think?

And I can't resist making this joke, but does anyone know if Vasquez's idol was George Michael?  


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