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[ # ] Is this one of the worst rounds of Wheel of Fortune?
March 2nd, 2022 under Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune had an interesting round yesterday, and people are talking about it because it went so badly.

The contestants got the puzzle all the way up to “A FEATHER _N YO_R _A_” before things went south.

Laura tried to solve it with “A feather in your hat.” She was close but no cigar. Christopher gave the wheel a spin and confidently asked to see if the letter G was on the board. It was not. Then Thomas’ spin left him bankrupt.

So it was back to Laura, and she tried to solve it with “A feather in your lap.” She was getting colder. Christopher decided to guess the letter D, but he got an F for that try. Can Thomas save us? Nope, this time the spin caused him to lose a turn.

So it was back to Laura. Will she finally get it after two unsuccessful tries? It looked like she was going to get it because she guessed the letter P. But her solve was off the map when she guessed, “A feather in your map.”

C’mon, Christopher, you can do it! Oh, your spin landed you on bankrupt. Guess not. Thomas, please put us out of our misery. Oh, no, don’t spin. OK, it landed on the money. Please, guess the correct letter. You said C. Thank you! But there is still a chance he gets it wrong. Will he? Nope, and that is why he gets a feather in his cap!

And with that, we have some of the longest two minutes in the show’s history.


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