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[ # ] Is the final season of Chuck doomed?
July 23rd, 2011 under NBC, Vik Sahay

Chuck and its cast went to San Diego Comic Con and in a preview video they hinted the fifth and final season is doomed, but for some reason I think it is going to be the complete opposite. I think that Josh Scwartz has some brilliant things planned for Chuck, Sarah, Casey, Captain Awesome and Jeffster, but I am not sure I can say the same for poor Morgan. Although I shouldn’t say anything bad about him, now that he knows Kung Fu!
Now over to Jeffster for a second, how great did Vik Sahay’s voice sound as he sang Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger. Maybe NBC would consider giving Jeffster a spinoff that is a half hour comedy. Jeff and Lester quit the Buy More and try to make it as singers, but the only jobs they can get in the music industry is fixing computers. While working on the computers they sing their songs and add their one of kind music videos to the people’s hard drives they are working on? C’mon NBC you don’t want to go completely Chuckless, do you?
When it comes to Chuck as excited as I am to watch the show when it comes back on October 21st, I am sad that it will be the spy show’s final 13 episodes.


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