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[ # ] Is that really you, Megan Fox?
April 17th, 2024 under Megan Fox

Megan Fox shared a makeup-free selfie of herself wearing a bra and plaid PJ bottoms. Even though she says it is her, people, including me, are questioning if it is her. That is because, as you can see, she looks nothing like herself.

The actress looks more like a Kardashian than Megan Fox.

I used to think she was one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. But now, she is plain Jane because of the work she has gotten done.

Maybe it is the pressure we put on her because we were so focused on her beauty.

Hopefully, she is happy with herself. Because at the end of the day, that is all that matters.

But, man. She just looks so different than the person we watched grow up in front of the cameras.


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