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Megan Fox and her four boys!
October 14th, 2019 under Megan Fox. [ Comments: none ]

Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth unless you are a mother trying to get the perfect family photo with your three boys under 8. Megan Fox tried to do just that and not one photo will work for their Christmas card.

She and Brian Austin Green had no problem looking at the camera and smiling at the right time. However, Noah, 7, Bodhi, 5, and Journey, 3, could not do that if you bribed them with a ticket to ride on whatever ride they wanted to go on. That is one of the many reasons why they say boys will boys.

When it comes to the Greens, whether they take the perfect photo or not, they are a beautiful family. Then again, look at their parents, how could their children not be as cute as a button. What does that expression mean anyway?


Even Megan Fox has problems getting the perfect Selfie
August 6th, 2019 under Megan Fox. [ Comments: none ]

Let’s be honest when we take a Selfie, we take like 100 photos and pick just one of them to post. Megan Fox, who is absolutely gorgeous naturally, is just like all of us.

The actress wrote, “Took like 300 pictures the other day-looked like the reanimated corpse of Akhenaten in 297 of them. These are the other three. A 1% success rate!” What do you think of the three she decided to share.

Who else besides me feels better knowing someone like her is just like all of us.


Megan Fox models her lingerie
September 12th, 2017 under Megan Fox. [ Comments: none ]

Megan Fox might have 3 boys under 5, but that does not mean she cannot still be sexy for her husband Brian Austin Green. Here she is modeling something from her collection at Frederick’s of Hollywood, and she is definitely the sexiest MILF in Hollywood. What guy would not want to wake up to her dressed like that at even on a Sunday at 6a in the morning when Bodhi, Noah and Journey wake you up because they want breakfast and to watch TV. You would not care because that is who you are sleeping next to. Right fellas?


BWTF roles: Megan Fox in Bad Boys 2
April 4th, 2017 under Before They Were Famous, Megan Fox. [ Comments: none ]

Before Megan Fox was Michael Bays’ leading lady, she was an extra in Bad Boys 2. Did you catch the 15 year old wearing a cowboy hat dancing in that 2003 movie?


Megan Fox makes your S&M dreams come true!
March 22nd, 2017 under Megan Fox. [ Comments: none ]

Megan Fox modeled her latest black leather lingerie attire from Frederick’s of Hollywood and all she needs is a whip. Then she would look like the sultry Dominatrix you have been dreaming her up to be. Seriously, can the mom of three look any sexier than she does here?


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