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[ # ] Is it wrong that I get Glee from watching Artie drown?
January 18th, 2012 under Glee

I don’t know what Kevin McHale did to the writers and producers at Glee this summer, but they have turned him into a real dick this season. I hated the way he thought he was the sh!t when he became the director of the school play. Then he acted like he was a sex expert because he did it with Brittany and told Rachel and Blane to lose their virginity so they could play their parts better in West Side Story. But that was not as bad as last night’s episode when he dumped the beautiful Becky and broke her sweet heart. So I guess as a thank you to all of us fans who hate his guts now, they had him thrust his wheelchair into the pool during the We Found Love performance. Sadly though he survived the drowning and I want to know who was the person that gave him CPR. It better not have been Becky…
Seriously who else besides me wants to see his character graduate and never come back?
On a positive note, I loved the use of Helen Mirren as Becky’s inner voice on the show. Bloody brilliant.


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