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[ # ] Is it too soon to ask for a revival of The Middle?
March 26th, 2018 under The Middle

On Friday night, The Middle wrapped production of their final episode; and I am wondering if it is too soon for ABC to ask the cast for a revival? I mean the show is not only still doing well in the ratings, it is also still killing it with its creativity. While other shows have been more miss than hit, this sitcom is still hitting it out of the park with humor and heart.

I am not ready to see it go, and looks like Patricia Heaton might not be ready for it either. She recorded a tear filled message to the fans of the show when she got home to tell us that not only are they close in front of the camera, they are all just as close when the cameras are not rolling. She is going to miss everyone who worked on the show, just like we are. Well, I think her more than us, but you know what I mean.

Are you like me and want to see this show go on like Celine Dion’s song or do you think it is time?


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