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[ # ] Is Donald Trump getting back at TikTok fans for pranking him?
July 8th, 2020 under Donald Trump


If you haven’t heard yet..

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Remember when Donald Trump’s campaign said that a million people signed up for the Tulsa, Oklahoma rally, and not even 1% of that showed up. According to reports, the reason why the numbers were so inflated is K-Pop and TikTok fans signed up for tickets with no intention of going.

That was a few weeks ago, and we know that Trump holds a grudge. Now, CNBC is reporting that Mike Pompeo is saying they might ban TikTok in the States. They blame China, but I think it is Trump acting like the baby that he is.

I need my TikTok. I need to see how Lance’s grandmother beats him up after he pranks her. I need to hear teens tell their parents dirty jokes. I need easy recipes. I need floof updates. On that note, my cat agrees with banning TikTok. She is sick of hearing kitties meow. She is afraid I am going to bring one home. She also hates me trying all of the cat challenges on her, so she refuses to do them.

Back to TikTok, don’t you dare take it away from us. We need it. Do you think they should ban it?


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