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[ # ] Is Conjuring 2 cursing their audience?
June 20th, 2016 under Odd

Conjuring 2 is about real life Paranormal Investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren and looks like they might have to investigate their own film.
According to The Telegraph, a 65 year old man in India died while seeing the movie. That would be eerie enough, but there is even more to the story. While being transported from one hospital to another, not only did his body go missing, so did the person transporting him. Never to be seen again Spooky, right?
Meanwhile a couple in Singapore left their hotel room to see the movie and when they came back there was a cross drawn on their mirror. Who put it there? They don’t know.
After I read this article, I asked my friend, who is a Paranormal Investigator, if a movie could possess its audience. She told me it could. Thus, when I go to see the movie I am going with her husband and her to make sure I don’t get possessed. Her husband has performed exorcisms, so if it does possess me, he will be able get the spirit out of me. If you want them to go to see the film with you, let me know and I will see when they are available. Who knew there was a business for that?


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