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[ # ] Ione Skye ruins that iconic moment from Say Anything
April 1st, 2019 under John Cusack

Whether you have seen Say Anything or not, then you know that scene where John Cusack holds up a boom box playing Peter Gabriel’s In Your Eyes over his head to win back Ione Skye. It was the romantic gesture that men and Hollywood have been retreating ever since.

On April 14th, the coming of age movie turns 30 and People spoke with Skye about that unforgettable moment. She said that the scene was very important to Cusack and the writer/director Cameron Crowe, but she was focused on something else. She wanted to make sure her nightgown was falling the right way and her body looked good as she tossed and turned around in her bed.

Even though Cusack was outside and she was in bed, you would think they both shared that time together; but he was not serenading her. They actually filmed their parts on different days which totally kills the romance.

Her confessions get even worse. Crowe wanted an Elvis Costello song to be playing, but the singer saw the clip and said no. Eventually, they went Gabriel’s tune which was a good thing because Costello’s music sucks. Makes me like him even less after hearing this.

Talking about hearing, she did not hear that song when she was shooting. She does not remember what it was, but she says it was beautiful.

Did she think that would be the thing that stood out from the film? She did not. I guess from her perspective all she was doing was looking at the ceiling making sure her boobs looked good as we were looking at that big boob in a raincoat trying to win her back.

I know after I saw that movie, I wanted and still want a man do that for me. Instead of handing me a mixtape, I want him to play it for me on a boombox. OK, in 2019, I want him to play me my playlist on his phone. Screw my neighbors, they are just jealous. Seriously, who hasn’t wanted that?


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