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November 16th, 2017 under Andy Cohen, John Lithgow

When we think of Fraiser Crane, we think of Kelsey Grammer playing him. Turns out the role was not written for him, it was actually written for John Lithgow. The actor confirmed it when a caller asked him about it on Watch What Happens Live the other night.

He told Andy Cohen, “It is true and I don’t tell people in deference to Kelsey. If I had accepted that role nobody would have ever heard of Fraiser Crane. He is the one who made it into an incredible phenomenon.”

Then he explained why he turned it down, “At that point, at my life, like episodic television was beneath my dignity and look at me now.” In 1984, he became a huge star because of The Day After and Footloose and had several films due out. Therefore, his mentality about that makes sense.

Does he regret his decision because that character lasted 20 years and earned Grammer several Emmys. The Trial & Error star said, “I envy his affluence. But had I done that, I never would have done Third Rock from the Sun. And that was the best 6 years I ever had.” Proving everything happens for a reason because Third Rock was a much show TBH!

Now that you know he was the person that producers envisioned for the role, can you imagine him playing the doctor?


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