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[ # ] Ikea wants you to pee on an ad
January 11th, 2018 under Ads

When I was in college, I majored in advertising and my teachers all told me not to go into it. They said I was too out there. As out there as I was/is, I never ever would have come up with the print ad that Ikea created.

They are asking pregnant women to pee on the ad. What and why? If they are truly pregnant, their pee will reveal a discount on their cribs. Now, I ask how and why did someone think that was a good idea?

Yes, we are talking about it, but is that how you want to remember their latest sale? I am so creeped out, I do not think I can eat their Sweedish Meatballs anytime soon. I will be thinking, what is their special ingredient?

On that note, I feel bad for the cashiers that have to ring up the cribs. Don’t they need to touch the ad in order to ring up the deal? Plus, how are women supposed to just pee in that area. We are not men who can write our names in the snow. Am I right?

And are you questioning if Ikea is in their right minds for actually going through with this advertisement? For the families, I get it. A discount is a discount, but still, ewwww.


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