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[ # ] If you need a laugh, you have listen to this story from Larry King!!!
July 16th, 2009 under Jimmy Kimmel

(starts on 2:30)

When I heard that Larry King was going to be Jimmy Kimmel Live, I thought the interview was going to be as boring as his show. Boy I was surprised when he started to tell this story about his friend Mopo. Seriously I have listened to it twice and find myself laughing hysterical each time I hear it. Who knew Larry King was that funny and could tell a story like that? Crap if he told stories like that on his show, I might actually watch him. Nah I wouldn’t go that far. But seriously it might be a long tale, but you really should listen to it because it really is a classic story!!! You can read Larry recollecting about his past in his new book My Remarkable Journey, I might just have to pick it up!
BTW I wish we had stories like that when I was in school, but for some reason that doesn’t happen anymore. My dad, who grew up in Brooklyn like Larry, also has stories like that! When did we lose that innocence?
Coming up on JKL! he will have Daughtry performing on Friday and coming in August he will have on Ashton Kutcher and Quentin Tarantino. Can’t wait until then, tonight on the ABC show at 12:05 you can see Josh Lucas and Pitbull.


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[ # 365964 ] Comment from Tyler Stitt [October 11, 2009, 10:11 pm]

This was the funniest story I’ve ever heard. I don’t know why I can’t find it anywhere

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