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[ # ] If Falling is the new Planking bring back Owling
January 9th, 2012 under Odd

via Daily Mail
So we have seen some stupid trends in 2011 like Planking, Owling and Coneing, now in 2012 a group of teens are trying to get people to do Falling. Basically you go to a shopping center and fall around costumers. I am a sadist and enjoy watching people hurt themselves, but this video didn’t make me laugh once. Falling can be funny (watch John Ritter on Three’s Company) if it is done right, but this wasn’t done right.
I know they are asking people to submit their videos, but don’t do it unless you can do it right. And that means don’t hurt the people who aren’t involved because that is plain stupid. The only people who should be getting hurt are the people Falling, now that’s funny!


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