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[ # ] I will never look at Michael Chiklis the same way…
April 6th, 2011 under Michael Chiklis, No Ordinary Family

Michael Chiklis and Patton Oswalt recreated the famous video of twin baby boys talking to each other for Funny or Die and after seeing Det Vik Mackey in diapers like that and saying Daddio over and over I will never be able to look at him the same way. I mean at least there was Shield over his Thing, but still seeing him in diapers like that, just ruined whatever image I had of him. Especially because I know about the fetish Paraphilic infantilism… Not saying he is into it, but yes I did picture him if he was.
Thankfully I saw this video after the season finale of No Ordinary Family. I don’t think I could’ve watched the ABC show so soon after seeing that. Well at least I have the summer to get over it because I have been praying my hardest that ABC renews this family superhero show. Especially after the way the show ended last and set up the second season. How awesome was that ending?
OK, off to look at this cute picture of Michael Chiklis and his pup sleeping together to have that image of him burned into my mind.
Now back to the video, I actually like it and laughed really hard. Watch it all the way through because there is a big payoff at the end!!!


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