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[ # ] I think Jon Bon Jovi is missing life on the road
July 27th, 2020 under Bon Jovi


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I think Jon Bon Jovi spends more time on the road than he does at home. Now that concerts are indefinitely on hold, the singer is stuck rocking at home to whoever will watch him sing.

This weekend he put on a show for bottles of his wine Hampton Water, and he sang Living on a Prayer into a mop. Now, I am living on a prayer that the man with the best a$$ in Rock’n’Roll isn’t going stir crazy at home.

He needs to skip the bad medicine and drink some of his special water. Before he knows it, he will be back on tour with Bon Jovi delighting fans all over the world.

Just because JBV thought he would sleep when he was dead, doesn’t mean it is a bad thing that he getting some now.

BTW I hope those bottles don’t fall over. You know because things are slippery when wet and we don’t want him falling. Although, he does have a mop to clean it up! I will stop now before I give love a bad name!


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