Seriously? OMG! WTF? » I don’t think Tom Hanks will be on The Late Show again anytime soon!!!
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[ # ] I don’t think Tom Hanks will be on The Late Show again anytime soon!!!
July 1st, 2011 under David Letterman, Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts was on The Late Show when David Letterman asked her how well she knows her Larry Crowne bosom buddy. On cue Tom Hanks came out to play the Newlywed Game like game with her. At first it seemed like they were taking it seriously, but then it quickly changed; and it was obvious he wasn’t and she was. When asked “who does Tom consider to be the finest actor of his generation?” she at first said Abe Vigoda (who is still alive) and then she said Maude. I guess she is not a Golden Girl fan because how does she not know Bea Arthur’s name? Anyways back to the game Tom’s answer was one that proved that the two-time Oscar winner really loves himself because he said…”Tom Hanks!” I can say it because I am not him (and I think he is), but it is a little conceited that he he said it! Of course Forrest, Forrest Gump was joking because unlike Julia Roberts he can name an actor or two he respects.
Now on the next question, I guess Erin Brokovich was getting bored with the game as much as I was watching her trying to be funny and said, “is any of this really going to get people to go see our movie?” Dave said “yeah, oh yeah” and before he could get the third word out, Hanks said “Hopeless, nobody does this show to get people to see their movie.” Me and ow. Dave looked pissed and Hanks looked like a proud little boy coming up with the ultimate diss that everyone laugh including Dave’s own staff!!! I am sure even though he is a Late Show favorite he won’t be back any time soon. Even if he has a movie to promote.
The game went on and Hanks true humor was coming out with the answers he had to the ridiculous questions. The one that caused me to have the biggest Julia Roberts was the last question. So brilliant on his part! I just love him! Don’t you?


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