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[ # ] I don’t think the hair people at The View like Meghan McCain
March 24th, 2021 under The View

When you are talent, and you work on a show, then there are certain people you have to be nice to. They are the cameraperson and the hair and makeup people. That is because they can make you look good, or they can make you look like they made Meghan McCain did today on The View.

They made her look like the adult version of Cindy Lou from Whoville. They gave a fauxhawk in the front with a braid on the top of her head, and then the back was done up in big bushy curls. So it is basically fauxhawk mullet. It is a look that no stylist would give to someone they like. To make it even worse for her, they gave her blue eyeshadow that went out of style before she was even born. Altogether, she looks like a futuristic Disco dancer that no one wants to dance with.

Kind of like the other ladies at The View don’t want to hang around with her when the cameras are not rolling.



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