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[ # ] I dirtied my pants watching Anthony Anderson’s Running Wild with Bear Grylls: The Challenge
August 22nd, 2022 under Anthony Anderson

Credit: National Geographic/Ben Simms

Tonight at 9p on Nat Geo, Anthony Anderson does things he has never done before on Running Wild with Bear Grylls: The Challenge.

The actor shows up to the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and Bear picks him up in a helicopter. As soon as they take off, Bear throws their bags out of it. If that is bad enough, Bear then throws Anderson and himself out of the plane, and they are now on the search for their bags.

This was the first time I was nervous for Anderson. The second time is when Bear tells him he has to climb down a cliff. I don’t know about the black-ish star, but I am starting to poop my pants for him. Luckily, he gets his clean when they go into a lake to get to the other side of it. That is something he didn’t like because the water is freezing.

Guess what was on the other side of the water? Their bags! Now, it is time to set up their camp for the night. As soon as the hammocks are ready, it is time for supper. Not to eat it, but to catch it. Imagine what it is like when a boy from Compton goes fishing.

Finally, it is time for sleep! However, when Anderson wakes up, Bear is gone. Now, he has to go find him. Can he do it?

Spoiler alert: I ran into Anderson last week, and he told me this is a “really good episode.” He wasn’t lying.

Not only did we get to see how strong he is physically, but we also learned what makes him so mentally strong. His mother plays a big part in that, and she is not the only one. To find out who else inspires him, you need to tune in for a literal death-defying episode.

I have a new appreciation for him because he does things I would never ever do.


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