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[ # ] I Am the Night is suspenseful mystery with an exciting pay off
January 28th, 2019 under Chris Pine, TNT/TBS/TCM

I Am the Night is a subplot of a story we thought we already knew. Tonight at 9p on TNT, watch the tale be told in a miniseries that keeps you on the edge of your seat from the first minute until the last one.

There have been several scandals throughout the decades, and one of the first ones was the murder of actress Elizabeth Short aka the Black Dahlia. To this day it is unsolved, and some believe that one of the biggest doctors of that time is the killer and the gynecologist was also of performing abortions which were illegal in 1947. He was very rich and had the police in his pocket. That is why he was able to get away with murder.

Jay Singletary (Chris Pine) was a newspaper reporter, who covered Dr. George Hodel’s (Jefferson Mays) trial. The doctor was accused of sexually abusing his teenage daughter, Tamar, but no one believed her. Shortly afterward the trial she died. Not before having a daughter that she gave to an African-American woman because the baby’s father was black.

Jimmy Lee (Golden Brooks) raised that girl as her own as an African-American even though she looks white. Back in the mid-’60s, America was still very segregated and Fauna (India Eisley) is pretty much hated by everyone for being black and looking white.

Fauna is your normal teenager who is constantly fighting with her mom. She decides she has had enough and wants to meet her real mom. Therefore, she runs away to LA to find out more about Tamar. She finds out that not only is her mom dead, but no wants to talk about her either.

Jay finds out about her and he thinks she will be the answer to everything about her grandfather he wants to know. Therefore, he seeks her out. The two join forces to find out more about her mom. Each answer brings them closer to finding out the truth. As someone once said, “You can’t handle the truth.” Can they when they finally are faced with it?

It is a shocking ending to the real-life story of a girl, who was lied to her entire life, only to learn the truth is something she did not want to know. It is a good vs evil story and both sides will be winners and losers in this captivating 6-part limited series.

I did not know that the actress playing Fauna is the same one who was the little sister on The Secret Life of an American Teenager until after I watched the finale. She was good on that show and she will blow you away on this one. I will be shocked if she is not nominated for the big award for her role. I expect the same for Pine, who plays a drunk newsman who can’t stop fighting with everyone who stands in his way. He made his acting debut before he was even born and it shows that he was born to do this.

Then there is Patty Jenkins, who knows how to turn a real-life into making it something you want to know more about without Googling to find out what happens next. Not many directors can do what she does and do it so well.

The limited series has some slow moments, but it all preparing you for a final episode that is a real nail-biter. It is cold outside, so no one wants to be in it. Stay inside and watch a thriller so hot, you will not to put the heat on in your house.


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