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[ # ] I am sure this sportscaster says H-E-Double Hockey Sticks after this!
March 21st, 2017 under TV News

You don’t have to know Hungarian to laugh your a$$ off at this visual description gone wrong. A Sport1 sportscaster was drawing out a play, and he inadvertently drew out a hockey stick and two pucks. You know the ones that only male ice hockey players have and girl ones don’t.

Bencsics M├írk started it off by highlighting two of the players by drawing circles around them. Then he drew a U starting at one and finishing it off with the other player who parallel to the first one. At this point it looks very phallic, but it did not stop there. At the bottom of the U, he drew a line across the top of it, which gave it that circumcised look. In a way, you are hoping he might stop there, but nope. He goes on to draw straight lines coming out of the tip to show where the puck could go. But instead it looks like something else that came. And yet, it doesn’t stop there. Would a pair of balls be a pair of balls without some hair? That’s right, he added some hair to our first two guys and with that we all just climaxed! I know my pants are wet after that. From laughing so hard, what did you think I meant?

The best part about this whole video is that the artist had absolutely no idea what he had just done. His colleagues could not hold back their laughter, and yet he didn’t even crack a smile. I guess when you score a goal like that, you are too exhausted to do anything but lie there and take it.

Finally, how appropriate is that the show that this happened on is called Trash Talk?



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