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[ # ] Howie Mandel is such a good grandpa
October 20th, 2021 under Howie Mandel

Howie Mandel took his granddaughter, Abbey, on a dinner date. When the waiter went to take their order, the America’s Got Talent host had a special request. He ordered some french fries and a game of tag. The waiter, knowing the comedian is a good tipper, decided to play along.

It was well worth it because the 7-year-old couldn’t stop laughing with her grandfather and the server. Therefore, making the 65-year-old the coolest grandpa in the restaurant. Granted, he was also the only one, but still, he impressed her.

He better enjoy that while it lasts because, in a few years, she will not want to be seen with him. Puberty is a bitch like the person going through it.

Back to Mandel, it was nice to see him running around like that. He gave us a scare last week when he passed out in public from dehydration. He says that getting a colonoscopy caused him to be dehydrated.


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