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[ # ] How many Backstreet Boys does it take to do laundry?
November 28th, 2022 under Backstreet Boys /Aaron Carter

The Backstreet Boys are the spokesband for Downey Rinse and Refresh, so you would assume that they would know how to do laundry. And you would be wrong.

Today they shared a video of Nick Carter, AJ McLean, and Brian Littrell attempting to do the wash, and they failed. It is not their fault. They have been rocking since they were teens and had people do it for them. So they never learned how. Much to the annoyance of their wives.

And where are their wives, aren’t they supposed to tell their Boys that they are not supposed to wear white after Labor Day? If they are going to do so, maybe they should be the spokesband for Clorox Beach so they can keep their whites white.

Oh, and the answer to the question is, in this case, four, three singers and someone who knows how to wash clothes.


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