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[ # ] How do you have sex with a car???
February 13th, 2012 under DIscovery Networks/Discovery+

A lot of us have had sex in a car, but how many of you have had sex with one?
Well yesterday on My Strange Addiction a 27 year old man named Nathaniel admitted he loves his car Chase. When I say he loves his car, I mean he loves loves his car. As in he has sex with him. That’s right even though Chase has had girlfriends his car is a he, so that make him bi-I-don’t-even-know-what-the-hell-he-would-be.
Now back to the sex, how? Women at least have the gear to sit on, but men only have the exhaust pipe. Oh wait maybe he can put it between the seats on those cars that have the separation seats? Seriously where does he put it? I just can’t even imagine. Unless he pretends he is like a huge pen!s moving around in a vajayjay. OK I have to stop because I just don’t even want to picture it anymore.
But I will say it gives a whole new meaning to auto-erotic.

UPDATE: I forgot about the cigarette lighter. But you have to make sure the car is off when you do that because it gives new meaning to come on baby light my fire… Well that and you have to have the lack of girth to fit in that little hole.


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