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[ # ] How did Ice Cube get his name?
June 21st, 2017 under Ice Cube, Stephen Colbert

If you are like Stephen Colbert and me, then you probably have wondered at some point how Ice Cube got his name. Well unlike us, The Late Show host had the chance to ask him, so he did. That was when he explained how is brother gave him the name that he would be known as for the rest of his life.

O’Shea used to try to talk to his older brother’s girlfriends when the called and then one day Clyde gave him a little warning to stop doing that. Cube shared that story on the CBS late night show, “Back in the day, when you had an old refrigerator they would push it on the curve and guys would come by and pick it up. My brother was like, ‘Yo, you know, that refrigerator down the street? Take you down there, I’m slam you in the freezer, when they pull you out, you are going to be Ice Cube.'” After that threat, the actor ran and told his friends not to call him O’Shea anymore because he was going by Ice Cube. To this day, he has kept that cool name!

As cool as it is, I was hoping for a much cooler explanation. Like his friends and him had an ice cube eating contest and he won. Or on a hot Compton day, he sat on an ice cube until it melted. Or under difficult a situation, he remained as solid as an ice cube. Or he got into a Fist Fight (I loved that movie) with someone and took them out with a sock full of ice cubes? How did you think he got the name?


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