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[ # ] How can you have a Miss America competition without judging their looks?
June 5th, 2018 under Miss America/ Miss USA

Gretchen Carlson announced today on Good Morning America that Miss America pageant is changing up everything. Gone is the word pageant because it is now a competition.

A competition that no longer judges women on their outward looks. That is right, the whole reason behind it is gone. Not only that so is the swimsuit competition and there will be changes to the evening gown part of the competition.

Now it will be about their brains and talent. Because that has helped them to be taken seriously in the past. In the words of Clueless, “As and if!”

If you want to change things up for the #MeToo movement, then add a Master America Pageant. Put them in tight Speedos and to paraphrase what Robin Williams would say that tell us what religion they are. Also, let’s see them in a tux and strip on down to those Speedos! Heck, I would watch! Oh boy, I would watch.

And talking about watching, the Miss America ratings were down big time, who is going to tune in now? I mean, are these contestants known for their brains? No offense, but are they?

And yes, I am a woman and a feminist saying this. I do not have a problem with this competition judging the contestants on their outward appearances. Do you?

And man, how boring is the new season of Toddlers & Tiaras going to be if the little girls are no longer getting spray tanned, plucked and glued? It will just be the kids on Go-Go Juice, heck we call that nursery school!


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