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[ # ] Hollywood Game Night is Picture Purr-fect tonight!
August 1st, 2013 under Jane Lynch, Sean Hayes

Not only is tonight’s Hollywood Game Night on NBC at 10p the show’s best episode yet, it is also the closest one in the show’s run so far. How close, you will just have to watch to find out.
Now when it comes to why I loved this episode best. First the celebrity guests Tom Arnold, Stacy Keibler, Patricia Heaton, Rose Byrne, Anthony Anderson and Jamie Lynn Sigler have a great chemistry together. Anderson will surprise you by how good he is at almost every game. There is one he sucked at, but then again so did I when I played it so I am giving him some slack. Tom Arnold is also good at this game and really has a blast playing with everyone. When it comes to Keibler, us Stacys have something in common, we like to cheat and there is nothing wrong with that. Is there? Heaton really let’s her hair down tonight and proves she has a wild side.
When it comes to games we get two new ones tonight. The first one is called Picture Purr-fect where they have to guess the title of a movie, where the actors have been replaced by cats in a picture. The other one is a spin on the game Memory where you have to match TV hosts together (like Matt Lauer and Ann Curry) on a Memory touchscreen board. Them they play How Do You Doo, TV ID and Timeline, and there will be some surprises by how well some do at these games and how badly some others one do at them.
Now I might be biased when it comes to tonight’s episodes because tonight for the first time, I got almost every answer right. So if I can do well at it, so can you! Why not watch Jane Lynch nail it as a host on Hollywood Game Night and also to check out some actors make huge fools of themselves as they down the bubbly. What more do you need to end your Thursday night?
And NBC what are you waiting for, please pick up this show for another season already?!?


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