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[ # ] Helen Keller is a Barbie doll
May 18th, 2021 under Barbie

Helen Keller is a role model for the deaf and blind community and people who aren’t in it. She was the first person to earn a Bachelor’s degree with her disabilities. This was during a time when it was even difficult for women to go to college.

After she graduated, she became an outspoken person for people with disabilities, women’s rights, and against racial inequality.

Keller was an inspirational woman. So much so that Barbie is honoring her with a doll in their Inspiring Women series.

“My favorite part of the design process for the Inspiring Women series is the research,” Carlyle reveals. “Because of her achievement as the first deafblind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree, I wanted to capture that time in her life, imagining what she might have looked like and worn as a student at Radcliffe College in the very early 1900s. I found a few pictures of a young Helen during that time and combined that with research on women’s style during the Edwardian period.”

Keller is the 12th doll in the series. She joins an elite group of women in this category. They are Amelia Earhart, Billie Jean King, Rosa Parks, Susan B. Anthony, Sally Ride, Ella Fitzgerald, Maya Angelou, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, Katherine Johnson, Frida Kahlo, and Florence Nightingale.

If you want to add Keller to your collection, the beautiful doll is available now for $29.99.


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