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[ # ] Heather Mills gave Paul McCartney’s lawyer the wet look
March 18th, 2008 under Paul McCartney/Heather Mills

I guess that Heather Mills way of saying you are "all wet" to Paul McCartney's attorney even though she technically lost. So why did Heather pour a jug of water on her head, well according to the Daily Mail:

A source said: “Mills believes that Shackleton accused her of trying it on by appearing at one legal meeting in a wheelchair to gain sympathy.

“More than anyone else, Mills felt this woman had a personal grudge against her. She felt personally attacked by Fiona Shackleton.”

She felt personally attacked, how should Shackleton feel? Shackelton has the right to press chargers against her to find her in attempt of court and I really hope she does it. In fact I hope she sues her for $48.6 million the exact amount Heather got from Paul.
BTW I guess Donald Trump thought Heather's action were classy because he made the one-legged b!tch a Judge at the Miss USA pageant. What did the show's hosts Donny and Marie do to deserve her?

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[ # 99147 ] Comment from Jennifer [March 19, 2008, 7:25 am]

I’m sure the person who wrote this story meant to say she hopes the judge finds Heather IN CONTEMPT OF COURT, rather than ” In Attempt of Court”. If you guys are going to practice some form of journalism, please, please, PLEASE proofread, spell check and make sure your grammatical errors are fixed before hitting the publish button. OY!

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