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[ # ] Have you ever seen an alligator pee?
May 18th, 2015 under TV News

via FTV Live
Whenever there are animal segments on talk shows, I am always hoping for the animal to attack the talk show host. As much as I want that to happen, it rarely happens in a comedic way. What does happen, is animals will relieve themselves on camera. We’ve seen dogs do it, cats do it, even a camel urinate on television, but up until today I don’t think we ever saw an alligator do it. That is exactly what happened during a live segment on Fox & Friends. They had 3 animals on the show to promote Animal Planet’s Monster Week, and the last one was a real pisser. That’s because the alligator took a nice long piss on live TV. So now we know what it looks like when a gator pees. I am sure you always wanted to know how they did it, and now you know.
I have a strong feeling that guy is going to make a good handbag, belt and purse for Elisabeth Hasslebeck after embarrassing Dave Salmoni on national television. At least he made their appearance noteworthy because why else would anyone else post that segment.


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