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[ # ] Great Benji Schwimmer interview for all your Schwingers!
August 21st, 2006 under SYTYCD

Each week it seemed like the Benji fanclub grew and grew to the point where they were chanting your name–how important was the fan reaction and how did it affect your performance?

Benji: What was awesome about the fans that night was there’s a big group of people. It got to a point where they respected the top four so much that everybody was cheering for everybody but when they announced my name, I saw family members of every contestant stand up. They all knew what we had been through. And the fans of Benji, the Shwingers, as they called them[selves], were so cool–they supported me from the beginning. Their fingers were bleeding from voting so many times. It was awesome.

You were hospitalized in the week prior to the Final Four Competition but it was never addressed on the show. Were there moments when you feared this would affect your chances of moving on?

Benji: There was always an injury. It was almost every week where I collected a new one or even two. And it was almost like I was being prevented from doing more and more maneuvers. But I guess it’s part of the process and part of the show– is to use all that you possibly can and I know that whether I’d won it or not, I’d know I would’ve been able to finish the show and say, I’d done everything I possibly can to win this thing.

What can you tell us about your role in Celine Dion’s Vegas Extravaganza "A New Day"?

Benji: Basically I’d be a dancer, I’d probably have a special number with Celine; and we’re possibly going to do a duet between Celine and I. I can’t wait–it’s going to so cool.

Which scares you more? Mary Murphy’s scream or Dmitry’s chest?

Benji: Gosh, you know it’s funny–both of those things are legends in themselves. I think the scariest thing is when Nigel and Cat pretend I’m about to kicked off the show and I don’t. I think I’ve had about two or three ulcers.


For even more on this interview check out Duckyxdale’s blog. BTW I so did not we are called Schwingers, I so like love that!


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