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[ # ] Graham Elliot dishes about his fellow MasterChefs!
June 2nd, 2014 under Gordon Ramsay

MasterChef in its 5th season on Fox, so you would think by the now that the MasterChefs would know each other and you would be right. Last week, I was on a conference call with the nicest MasterChef in the bunch and Graham Elliot only had yummy things to say about Gordon Ramsay and Joe Bastianich. Or I should say Mr Joe as he likes to be referred to.
The three men seem like they really get along and turns out they do. Elliot said, “It’s great because they’re actually, I think, two of my closest friends, not just in the industry, but just in general.” It could be because they hang out all day together on the set and even during breaks they talk and listen to music together. They have actually gotten so close that they feel like they are his older brothers that he can text and ask them for advice about stuff. In fact, it was talking to them that is a big reason why he started to get healthy and lose all of that weight. They would tell him how they did the Iron Man Triathlon and just in general talking about being their best made him want to be his best.
While that is nice to hear, but what we want to know is what did he think of Chef Gordon Ramsay’s cooking last week during the MasterChef season premiere. He said, “He’s a great natural cook, and it’s always fun to see him do it.” Then he told us that people ask him all the time if Ramsay can still cook after all of these cooking shows. He tells them, “I always say that if I had to build a team he would always be the first-round draft pick because, not only is he great at coaching and leading and inspiring, but he could make 100 soufflés and then jump over and filet 100 salmon and then roast 100 lamb racks and everything is perfect, which is really, really fun to see somebody that can do both sides from entertaining on television to getting their hands dirty, and being able to do any kind of station in the kitchen.”
While we didn’t ask him about Mr Joe’s cooking, he did reveal a secret about him. Before they started working on the show, Joe never tried curry food before. Since he has tasted it, he has become a big fan of the Indian cuisine.
Just like we have become big fans of the show that airs Mondays at 8p on Fox.


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