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[ # ] Gordon Ramsay checks into Hotel Hell tonight and wishes he could turn back time
July 21st, 2014 under Gordon Ramsay

Hotel Hell is back with all new episodes starting at 9p on Fox, and Gordon Ramsay is getting an ear full tonight. It’s not as much about complaints, as it as much about the owner of the hotel singing whenever and wherever she can to “entertain” the guests. She thinks she sounds like Cher, so she put in a recorded track and belts out tunes from the original Cougar. She believes in heart that the guests love it, but one of them offered her a $100 to stop.
If this was the only problem, it would be easy to solve. But there are so many more issues for Ramsay to work on. His problems start before he even gets there. That’s because there is no sign on the building, so he keeps driving past it. Then once he’s inside, he is told he has to sign a waiver that he won’t destroy the room. He refuses to sign it. Once he is in the room, all he wants to do is mess it up because it’s all beige and blah. Thinking he can get some relaxation at the pool, he finds out that ain’t going to happen. The pool is dirty and full of leaves. Maybe he can get something good to eat; and as bad as that meal is, it is better than the owner’s singing.
With this hotel needing so much work, will he be able to do it in just a week? Let’s just say, at least one person is fired. But then again that person asked for it. You want to watch that go down. And you also want to see what a transformation Ramsay does for the hotel and to the owner. He has a heart to heart with her in which he reveals something about himself we didn’t know.
I am so happy that Hotel Hell is back because Ramsay does these makeovers with so much heart and way too many reality shows are missing that. So tune tonight and every Monday at 9p after MasterChef for a show that will make you look are your hotel room differently on your next stay at one.


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