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[ # ] Good Girls is a waitress’ dream come true tonight and so much more!
March 19th, 2018 under NBC

Tonight at 10p, the Good Girls are back on NBC and they are getting themselves in even more trouble.

Last week when we left off, Beth (Christina Hendricks) decided she was not done working with Rio (Manny Montana). Therefore, she walked back into the warehouse to make him an offer. Tonight on the episode titled Atom Bomb, we find out what he has up next for the Good Girls.

We find out pretty quickly when Beth’s daughter comes running out to tell her mom there is a man in her bed. Rio wants Beth to take care of him. Which would not be a problem if she did not have kids, and one of them has a big birthday party coming up. One that gets even bigger thanks to her husband (Matthew Lillard). By the end of the episode, she will have even more reason to continue working with Rio.

She is not the only one. Ruby (Retta) has one of those days at her job as you can see above. How much longer can she take it? Now that she has tasted what it is like to have money, she wants more. But is it enough to make her quit her job and become one of Rio’s girls full time?

Talking about girls, Annie’s (Mae Whitman) daughter (Izzy Stannard) is having problems at school. Several of the boys at the school are pulling down her pants to see if she is a boy or girl. Annie does not know what to do to help her, until she does. You just have to see how she becomes mother of the year!

By the end of the episode, the girls will make a decision that will change their lives forever.
But then something happens at the end of the episode that will make you mad you have to wait a week to find out what happens next. Just like the last three episodes that aired before this one.

Good Girls is an empowering show for women because it is nice for us to have a show where we get to take charge. Housewives and moms can still have a life of mystery and not just have a doldrums lives. At least on TV anyways and we live vicariously through our TVs. Right?


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