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[ # ] Ghosts in the Hood is unlike any other Paranormal Investigation show!
January 5th, 2017 under WeTV

If you are like me, then you love Paranormal Investigation shows. But after a while they are all the same thing, no matter what channel they are on. That all changes with WE tv’s Ghosts in the Hood tonight at 10p.
Defecio Stoglin and his team at OPO aka Official Paranormal Operations go where no other ghost hunters will go…the Hood. For example, tonight they go to a drive-by funeral home in Compton that is haunted. While Stoglin talks to the owner, Maunda goes out on the street and asks people about the place they are looking into. They give more insight into what is happening than just looking at the location itself. Imagine what they reveal about the drive-by mortuary that has seen its share of drive-bys and I am not talking about visiting the dead. I am talking about people wanting to give them their next customers.
Anyways, you can’t investigate a place without equipment and Dave builds those. Then there is Jasmine, a verified Medium, and she has a way with the spirits.
Finally, there is Matty, who’s a comedian under Deficio’s care. He knows nothing about spirits, but he is scared of him. Therefore, they make him their decoy and the ghosts love that! He screams more than a preteen at One Direction concert.
Now back to the show, tonight they checked out two places. One I told you about and the other is a guy who hoards collectables. Only problem is if you do that, a spirit might be attached to an item and OPO has a problem finding it among all the other antiques. What happens when they finally find it?
Not only do they go to Da Hood, they also add humor to the case. The humor makes it more real than all of those other shows that do the same thing. Instead of laughing at them, you laugh with them. What’s not to love about that!


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